Photocard licences are valid for 10 years unless otherwise stated on the document. You will receive a reminder to renew your photo before your current one expires. Here we explain the various costs involved when buying, renewing or maintaining a UK driving licence. No written knowledge tests are being carried out at this time and won’t be for the remainder of the lockdown period. As soon as the lockdown period has ended, we will be arranging for these tests to be carried out and will contact all eligible applicants.

You need to provide information about what your old address was, where you are going to be living now, your date of birth and your driving licence number. It is possible to change your driving licence the old-fashioned way through the post. Your Government Gateway ID and password, driving licence number, passport number, and your National Insurance number. The other information you’ll require include the number that’s on your driving licence, your passport number, and your National Insurance number. Don’t worry if you’re missing any of these details, as you will be given alternatives to help verify your identity. It’s completely free, and even if there’s a bit of a delay in getting the paperwork sorted on the DVLA’s side of things, you can continue to use your old licence. On average, online applicants receive their new licence within seven days.

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We are going to California in September 2018 and are hiring a car. Motorists could soon be allowed to have their driving licence on their phones according to the government agency developing the plans. This scam has been reported across the UK and police are concerned that recent changes to the UK driving licence will result in more people falling victim to the con. Here’s our at-a-glance guide to all you need to know about changes coming to your driving licence.

You need to let us know straight away just in case something happens. For example, if you’ve told us the car is on your driveway at night but someone smashes into it because it’s parked on the road at midnight, it could invalidate your insurance. Where you keep your car is very important for lots of reasons. Certain areas are considered high risk for car crime and accidents, that’s taken into account when you first start your car insurance policy. I updated my log book online to reflect a change of address but I need the updated one to tax the vehicle. Previously, if you changed address you had to write your new address on your log book and post it to us to update. Now, if you’re the vehicle keeper you can quickly and easily update it online .

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In all circumstances you will have to obtain separate cover for either trailer or caravan as this will not be covered under your existing policy. A modification is anything that has been added to your car that is nonstandard – this could be tinted windows, alloy wheels, spoilers etc.

  • You should check to make sure your insurance covers your driving instructor/ additional driver to take you home if you are taking your test in your own car.
  • You can set individual purchase parameters for every card, including diesel, all fuels, vehicle-related products and services.
  • However, as you get older, there are a few rules that you need to be aware of when driving – not least of which is making sure to renew your driving licence at 70, as otherwise it will expire.
  • Even younger drivers need to renew their driving licence every 10 years to get the photo on their photocard licence updated.
  • Many drivers believe that their driving licence is for life, but that is not the case.

We take all claims seriously and once submitted your claim will be reviewed by one of their experienced claims handlers who will always look to keep you informed of how your claim is progressing. Yes – subject to a letter of proof from your employer stating the period of time that you have been driving accident free on their policy. The no claims discount would be in the name of the policyholder rather than a named driver. If you are taking driving lessons you should be covered by your professional driving instructor’s insurance, it’s worth checking you are fully covered with them before booking any lessons. It is your responsibility to ensure that you hold the correct entitlement to drive the insured car. We do not accept international or any other type of foreign licences.

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You should inform your insurer if you think your vehicle has any modifications in order to ensure you have adequate cover. Only if you have Driving Other Cars cover, this Canon pixma pro-100 driver will be clearly stated on your certificate of insurance and you should check first to ensure you don’t drive without insurance. Claiming on your car insurance policy is usually pretty straightforward, but your car insurance doesn’t cover taking somebody to court to recuperate your costs from an accident. Legal expenses cover offers legal protection as standard which allows you to recover your uninsured losses if you are involved in an accident that is not your fault. This permits the policyholder (and/or spouse) to use the car for travel between multiple fixed places of work in addition to use for social domestic and pleasure use. Common occupations that might require such class of use would include a supply teacher, a care worker who drives to see various patients, or any person who might have to work at more than one location.

If your policy is due for renewal it is worth checking your renewal invite email and letter. Many policies will automatically renew so you will need to do nothing, and other options are often available like renewing online via secure payment, your renewal invite will indicate if these are available. If you said you were going to do an annual mileage of up to 5,000 when you started your car insurance policy but find you’re travelling a lot further than expected, you need to let us know immediately. Underestimating your annual mileage could invalidate your insurance in the event of a claim. Usually keep it on the drive but now need to keep it on the street?

Do you need to change the address on your vehicle log book and wish you could do it online? Well now you can, thanks to our brand new online service which launched this week. Driving with an incorrect address on your driving licence means you could face a big fine. I’m going to PO on Wednesday as I haven’t valid passport so can’t renew online. Does this mean after the expiry date I can’t drive my car. I had a provisional licence going back about 10 years it was in my maiden name I then didn’t carry on learning how to drive what have I got to do now do I have up purchase a new one in my new details.