Chasing your friends around the track, trying to pop their balloons, brought out the competitive nature in even the most subdued individual. My love for Star Fox runs deep, and it all started with the original Star Fox on the Super Nintendo. Powered by theSuper FX graphics chip, this polygonal on-rails star-fighter with anthropomorphic animals stole my heart and made me smile. While it may look rough by today’s standard, growing up this game made my imagination soar.

By placing our plump plumber into a motorized kart, along with the rest of the Mushroom Kingdom gang, Nintendo struck gold. Every kart and tune, every turn of every course, gamers have burned into their memories. However, beyond all that polish, the thing most gamers look back most fondly on is Battle Mode.

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We will never give away, trade or sell your email address. Super Mario World takes our favorite plumbers out of the Mushroom Kingdom and throws them into Dinosaur Land, the home of the Yoshi (plural of Yoshi is Yoshi, right?). The game keeps traditional power-ups, like the fire flower, but also introduces the fan-favorite cape. Unlike the flying raccoon power in Super Mario Bros. 3, Mario can now glide through the sky with cape in-hand . Instead of making a normal racing game, Nintendo decided to create an entirely new genre – Kart Racing.

It would have been all too easy to go with Squaresoft’s Secret Of Mana, so we’ve decided to focus on this little beauty instead. While Squaresoft’s epic RPG borrows plenty of ideas from the Final Fantasy series, you just can’t help but be impressed by the sheer amount of love that has gone into crafting this astonishing RPG. Although the central storyline is fairly predictable, it soon begins to twist and turn all over the place and introduces plenty of memorable characters and sub plots.

Then of course you have the two unique worlds that Link can eventually switch between, thus making an already sprawling game even larger. Quite simply one of the finest 16-bit adventures ever made. Super Mario Kart may not be the best game in the Mario Kart franchise, but it was memorable for sparking yet another iconic franchise, like Star Fox. Gathering together nearly all of the biggest stars in the Mario gang for the first time, SMK was an addictive title with tight controls that really still holds up, 27 years later.

This movie tie-in game epitomized the beat-em-up genre. It elegantly captured that great Tim Burton vibe, and the action made for one of the all-time greatest pick-up-and-play games ever. With wickedly fast gameplay, F-Zero turned the dial ahead for the racing genre, and fans of the series are still dying for another F-Zero game today.

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The first game in the Star Fox series made the case for a soon-to-be-iconic franchise. Boasting advanced 3D graphics, this adventure from Fox McCloud and the gang set the precedent for the series ahead—and it’s still one of pokemon platinum rom the best in the series by far.

The combat system is a joy to use and the use of sound throughout is outstanding. It all combines to create one of the most engrossing RPGs we’ve ever played. There’s no denying the superiority of Ocarina Of Time, but A Link To The Past remains a wonderfully accomplished adventure that deserves to sit proudly in every SNES owner’s collection. Every dungeon you explore is crafted to perfection, and while they start off easy, you’ll soon be scratching your head over Miyamoto’s deviously designed puzzles. The many weapons you discover are well balanced and every encountered boss is a masterstroke in design.

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