Both programs have a very intuitive interface with familiar navigation patterns. Both can be set to English or one of many other languages, so no problem here. It is very is to use, if we compare it with other similar tools.

  • If you are someone who sees those features so important, then we do not suggest for you to use Piriform Recuva Pro.
  • It’s not a very bad result though, as it discovered most of the missing files.
  • Instead, this plan appear to provide you with more info about recoverable files.
  • Not just that, this software also cannot be used to recover the data that are coming from RAID storage.

It allows to burn the video to DVD or save it to different formats suitable for Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook etc. Windows Movie Maker support drag and drop and has a basic timeline. It is designed for quick editing operations and not for professional or commercial production because has a limited set of templates and options. This application is offered for free for Windows users, Windows Movie Maker being included in Windows Live Essential package.

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The simplicity of Windows Movie Maker has always been one of its major trump cards. As we see, Movavi Video Editor Plus is very similar in this respect.

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If something is not working properly or there’s an error of any kind, you can contact the company’s live chat service to get help in real time. The MS website offers virtually no educational materials on their program. All it has in terms of user support is a help service you can contact by email and a forum. But let’s not forget that Windows Movie Maker is not available for download anymore. Trying to download it from other websites may harm your computer. Next, let’s see how the applications fare when it comes to the material they can work with.

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That said, if you need a tool for quickly trimming, combining and adjusting video clips without any unsightly watermarks, Movie Maker Online could be the perfect tool for you. The links provided are to the latest version of the software with all necessary upgrades. , but the sheer range of available features makes it really worth the investment. The Movavi site, on the other hand, provides a wide variety of useful content, including FAQs, manuals, and video guides with regular updates.

So, if you do not have it, install this package from Microsoft. We also reached out to Brandon Young, video producer for Harmons Grocery. He currently produces much of the company’s video content as well as its photography. He’s also worked for various corporations producing video content. “Specifically, with weddings when you’re filming a bride and a groom giving their vows, the last thing they want to see is a video camera guy running to the left and right,” Free VPN explained Andersen. Before you go the freeware route, we suggest downloading the free trials of the programs we’ve reviewed to see if they’re worth paying for.

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