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    Lighting Ever Le Led Camping Lantern

    If you prefer a top-loading washer, we suggest the LG WT7300C, a high-efficiency model with no agitator. It did the best job of removing stains of any top-loader we tested, it’s better at cleaning large loads, and it has shorter cycle times. And, as best as we can tell, it should be a fairly reliable machine. We have not tested the WM4000H, but there are no mechanical differences between this model and the WM3900H, our previous top pick—just changes in some supplemental wash programs and wash options. Like the WM3900H, the WM4000H has received positive reviews. Participation in this program does not excuse you from contracts with your carrier or…

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    Pulse Generator For Optogenetics, Stomk

    This was a long process and we have lots and lots of little plastic gizmos we’ve printed littering the office. We can’t give them away, everybody we know has had at least one printed leaf, frog or teddy bear. Where it falls down is in the difficulty of actually printing on a consistent basis. For some this may mean that your printer takes up more space on your desk but it could also make it more accessible because you could place the console closer to you. You’ll also know when and if it’s time to replace the cam risers on the fridge hinges – these support the heavy doors and…

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