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How To: Important Tricks On Water Reminder On iOS And Android Phones To Make It Better [Part 2].

Drinking water can be easy to forget, but trust me, it’s vital for staying on top of your health. The apps here are a mix of adorable and practical, but all of them have tools to help you track what you drink. My Water Balance will calculate how much water you should drink each day APK DLD based on your personal details, but also lets you change that amount to suit your individual needs. My favorite feature of this app, however, is the ability to choose from a bevy of drinks when you check in to record the amount of fluid you’ve had.

  • With the help of this application, you can even send birthday wishes text to your friend and can even post on his/ her facebook wall with this application.
  • If you are one of those, who are struggling to remember drinking water at regular intervals then this post for you.
  • A marvelous review of your progress can be found on the My Day section and will inspire you to keep going.
  • This is due to the fact that you are so consumed in all your day to day activities making hydrating yourself a task taken for granted.
  • If not this, you might find me surfing the web or listening to audiobooks.
  • Moreover, it also uses your activity levels and suggests the correct amount of water.

However, it would be unfair to write off its achievements only because of the time it was spent in the industry. Millions of people are using this software every day and it successfully helps them to stay productive and be reminded about all the tasks they must accomplish. Wunderlist has also been featured in The New York Times, Lifehacker, TechCrunch, CNET, The Guardian, Wired, and Vanity Fair, just to name a few. Considering the reminders, here you can set both standard one-time reminders and the repeating ones. The previous app may be more multi-functional and more productive in general, but it was lacking one important function – synchronization with Google Calendar. Along with all the main features of a reminder, this one is a choice for those who don’t like a mixture of everything in their productivity apps.

Drink Water Reminder For Pc

TickTick is an all-in-one app comprising a calendar, to-do list, reminders, recurring tasks, customization options and widgets. If you want to focus on your tasks and get in-depth insights on the tasks you complete, TickTick is the best reminder app for that. BZ Reminder is a simple reminder app with a robust list of features. The app helps you remember everything you want to do and improve your productivity.

But thank god, there are some water reminder apps for that. Water Drink Reminder by Easy Creation is one of the better water reminder apps out there. It ensures that you keep water balance and give you a reminder to drink water. The app comes with very simple features, it comes with a personalized calculator which will recommend the amount of water your body needs. Moreover, UI of the app is very simple and intuitive which makes it very easy to use.

Download Water Reminder Apk For Android And Install

It’s an easy way to track your progress in the supermarket without constantly checking a smartphone or a handwritten list. Well, is one of the best and top-rated Android to-do lists, calendars, planners & reminder app available on the Google Play Store. can help you to stay organized and get more done in less time.

This well-designed app lets you report water intake with just one tap on your phone. It’s also Siri-enabled, allowing you to tell your phone when you’ve had a drink. With more than 10,000 reviews in the App Store and a 4.8 rating, you can’t go wrong with WaterMinder. After installing this app, you’ll be prompted to fill out some basic information, including your gender, weight, a wake-up time, and a bedtime. You’ll also be able to set your preferred units of hydration, such as fluid ounces, and a language preference.

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