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Knowledge Base – Important Tricks On Mobile Software On Android You Didn’t Know Yet (With Screenshots)

Right from a simple jigsaw puzzle to mathematical puzzles like Sudoku, brain puzzles rack the highest engagement percentage. Popularly known as in-app purchases are a great way to keep the players glued to the game while your app makes some money. So when you offer the players an option to buy gems or diamonds to unlock the next level, you render them competitive advantages for a dollar cost.

  • And you can add most private chat apps hike and telegram apps in this list.
  • A lot of indie developers use Unity for its excellent functionality, high-quality content, and ability to be used for pretty much any type of game.
  • Here in this article, I’m gonna show you how to hide apps on Android in two methods.

If you want to avoid the app not installed error, Google Play should be your first choice to download the apps. All the errors you need APK SE Mobi to fix will affect the device system and the only solution is to fix them. But before that, in order to avoid losing the data, all you need to do is to back up your device. So that the app not installed fixes will not result in loss of the data. If you are unable to install the application on your android phone, there can be multiple reasons. Even if you are downloading it from an authentic source, there can be other reasons behind it, which will make your android unable to download the applications.

How To Hide Apps On Android Os

While talking about online or paper magazines, you

can refer notifications to the readers only when they wish to. On the contrary, with a news app, you can send instant push notifications to readers for going through the latest stories. Moreover, it will help readers to stay in control whether they want to receive the notifications or not by disabling or enabling these services. These content feeds feature breaking news, interesting tips, expert opinions, photos and videos covering almost any reasonable topic. They also present the information in a highly stylized, visual manner, reminiscent of the experience of reading an actual paper magazine.

Java is an object-oriented, cross-platform language that’s used everywhere from fintech startups to data analytics initiatives. Web, desktop, mobile, IoT products – all can be powered by Java, which pros and cons we’ve recently explored in a separate blog post. Java’s popularity will allow you to easily find skilled Android developers on the market or even within your tech team.

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Also, to do this, you might need a file manager app that allows you to create a new file without any extension such as ES file explorer, etc. Click on the DCIM folder once you are inside the phone. Go to the locations/folders where you want to hide the media. Find the folder where your desired files are located.

how to hide an app on android

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