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Use It: Amazing Features Of Tokopedia On Android You Should Try | 2021.

Flyrobe is a fashion rental service that offers users access to premium apparel and accessories at a fraction of the retail price. EkAnek Networks is building the rails of the next wave of eCommerce 2.0. Their platform FOXY, is an artist-led online shopping platform for beauty, grooming and personal care products. eClerx provides Knowledge Process Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing services to global companies.

  • If you want to change your name or that of a minor, click on the relevant section below to get the steps you must follow.
  • Indeed, Traveloka — a fellow Indonesia-based unicorn — recently lost its CTO to burnout.
  • The BTS advertisement was not the first to receive criticism.
  • Salesforce has also helped Tokopedia develop a smart reply visit the following website solution that is integrated with Tokopedia’s API. The reply is modified based on the order status, shipment status, and other information.
  • If the Keyboard layout column show “Not enabled“, then you have to add the input language to your Windows OS. Just click that link and it will directly open the Language page in the Settings app.
  • Use the Explore panel to get an overview of your data, from informative summaries to a selection of pre-populated charts to choose from.

Similarly, your raw content and data might stay the same but how you want to display it differs. Many business critical functionalities don’t change all that much on the back-end. This is due to the decoupled architecture of SPAs, or a separation of back-end services and front-end display. Because the server doesn’t need to spend time & energy doing the full drawing, SPAs lower the impact on your servers overall – meaning you can save money by using less servers for the same amount of traffic. The server sends you a shell page and your browser renders the user interface .

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Personally, I don’t like the idea of giving NIB files to translators. Instead, I design the NIBs so there is enough space for non-English languages (typically they will require 50% more room for text), and then I store all text resources in Localizable.strings files. Do note that not all videos have captions and even then, captions are rarely available in all languages. If a particular video does not have captions, then the subtitles icon will be grayed out or unclickable. On the bottom right of the video, click on the settings menu. Once you have set a language, navigate away from this screen, or tap Home.

Influencer marketing posed challenges as well, due to a lack of transparency and inability to directly correlate sales performance. Work closely with business stakeholders to help define the product strategythat meets the external and internal customers needs while satisfying scalability, reliability, performance and resource costs. At Tokopedia, I have never been into any predicament with load balancing — I normally have enough time to prioritize my work although oftentimes, I would put more effort in creating products that are accessible to the user.


To create Treats app, install create-treats-app packages and run create-treats-app on you terminal. Hopefully, our learning will contribute to improvements in your system as well. ES provides the mapping parameter “fields” which is useful to index the same field in different ways for different purposes.

Employing the dual listing plan, Tokopedia intends to not only tap into the deep pockets of U.S. investors , but also its homeland Indonesia. The company already commands respect in the overseas market, which is evident from the fact that Google invested $350 million in the startup in November 2020. Tokopedia, one of Indonesia’s biggest startups till date, may be eyeing an initial public offering worth at least $1 billion next year, according to a report byReuters. If successful, this could be the largest overseas listing by a southeast Asian start up till date. The company seeks to achieve this by opting for a dual listing in USA and Indonesia, which might value the company upwards of $10 billion. The company last valued at about $7.5 billion is the number two online shopping site in Indonesia behind $100 billion Singapore-based rival Sea.

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