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Use It: Best Secrets Universal TV Remote App For Android Devices That Nobody Knows (Updated).

So, how do you identify the best universal remote from the plethora? Universal remote controllers essentially fall into two main categories; the pre-programmed, and the learning controllers. It automatically eliminates the countless controllers you currently have on your coffee table and replaces them with an all-in-one, easy-to-use controller. What’s more is that unlike five years ago, modern universal remotes are sleeker and easier to use, which facilitates an even better user experience. Just as its name, the device is fitted with large and easy to read buttons that make it easy to navigate. This feature also makes the GE Big Button universal remote ideal for seniors or those with impaired vision.

But the option we’d recommend above all is pairing a physical remote with a universal remote app, giving you plenty of options for operating your multiple devices. As technology has evolved, electronics makers have moved away from IR technology in favor of Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. Devices often need WiFi anyway, as in the case of a smart TV so that you can stream Netflix or search YouTube. Lucky for us, WiFi and Bluetooth open up other possibilities for how we can network these devices. We can connect devices to our smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices.

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However, there are many times you might not want to use a remote and find it more convenient to control your Android TV with your smartphone instead. For instance, typing on an Android TV is much easier using a phone rather than the remote control. A phone can also help you navigate and use your Android TV if the remote control stops functioning properly. These days the newer and more versatile universal remotes can be programmed with a computer. A USB connection allows any device’s remote commands to be downloaded to the universal remote in one click of a button.

The Easy Universal TV Remote App is a nice app but it is far from perfect. The interface is nothing to talk about and is fairly bland. There are a grand total of 6 buttons on the remote face itself which by the way is the default home screen of the app. The program and volume buttons are placed at a nice distance but the power and mute buttons are located way off base. The app makes it hard to reach the mute button, especially if you are using a large screened phone a phablet or a tablet. Another alternative on the market is the SURE universal Smart TV remote app, whilst I don’t personally use this, a lot of people do rate it highly.


Anyone visiting is sure to think you have special powers. Press a button on the universal Universal TV Remote remote and then press the corresponding function button on the device remote. If supported, the IR learning method requires placing your universal remote and the remote of a device you wish to control so that they are pointing at each other. This allows IR control light beams to be sent from the original device remote to the universal remote. Hit the STOP button on your universal remote in order to save the code .

  • That’s if you have a second TV and you want to have a Roku there.
  • Hippo Remote LITE is not only a universal remote app for iPhone, but also a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer.
  • What’s more, it should have the ability to be operated with one hand.
  • After that, you can search on the App Store for the recommended app.
  • Although the app only supports 80 devices, it packs in lots of useful features like integration with Tasker and Flic.
  • You only have to install it on your phone and it will guide you through how to set it up and configure it with the devices you want to control with it.
  • Caavo has its own smart voice control system and onscreen display to help you find stuff to watch on your streaming devices.
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