What Yoga Poses Are Good For Lower Back Pain
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  • Post published:November 7, 2019
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At some point in time, most of us face some pain and sensitivity on the lower back. While this may occur because of incorrect stretching, prolonged sitting, or moving a lot; the determination always remains to get a solution to that to avoid bad mood and serious health problems.

While you may decide to get medication to fight the lower back pain, I recommend trying yoga poses since these can relax the mind and body without the need to introduce medicines to the body. So, keep reading and get an idea of the poses to try out.

1. Cat and cow pose


These are poses whose sole purpose is to warm you up while helping you loosen the back. To move into the cat pose, start by pressing your spine and arching the back. Hold in there for some seconds and move to the cow pose by lifting the chest and tailbone toward the ceiling.

Continue that based on the rhythm of your breath. After that, you should feel relaxed and ease the tension, which is a start to helping reduce the lower back pain.

2. Sphinx Pose

This is a pose that involves a gentle backbend aimed at strengthening the spine and stimulating the sacral-lumbar arch. The pose allows you to stretch the shoulders, chest, and abdomen, which play a role in relieving stress. To do this exercise, lay flat on the stomach and extend the legs behind you.


After that, bring the elbows under the shoulders and the forearms on the floor with the palms facing down. Lift your head and upper torso as you engage the lower abdominals so that you can support the back. Ensure that you lift up through the spine and maintain your gaze straight ahead so that you can relax fully.

3. Child Pose

Although this pose tends to make you seem like you are relaxing, it is essential as it helps you elongate the back and help you get rid of stress after a long day.

The pose requires you to start on all fours and stretch out your arms straight in front of you, then sit back so that the glutes can rest above without touching the heels. This pose plus other poses such as the Cobra pose and locust pose can relieve stress and fatigue, the reason I recommend that you Get More Information about these poses.

4. Downward facing dog pose


This is a classic pose that aims at strengthening hamstrings. The pose can lengthen and decompress the spine to help you with lower back issues. To do this pose, start on your hands and knees and maintain the hands slightly in front of the shoulders. Press back and raise the knees from the floor as you lift the tailbone up towards the ceiling. Push the heels towards the floor and hold i the position for several seconds.


Yoga acts as a great exercise when you need relief from pain, and when you are looking forward to protecting yourself from pain in the future. So, try these poses before considering the option of medicine since the poses can help you get rid of the pain in a safe and natural way.