About Us


We are a group of surfers who love the environment. We knew that our playground would be ruined if the surfers keep using gears that arenot sustainable. We keep buying products without knowing that our resources are continuously disappearing. Hence, for us, we made a decision to have fun without ruining nature. Thus, we founded the Green Surf Shop.

The Green Surf Shop was found in 1995. It was the country’s first online surf shop specializing in eco-friendly surf gear. Our aim is to make buying surf gears be more responsible and to help at least a bit in conserving our environment. In this case, we will be more satisfied that our surfing playground will be secure from any harmful products made of chemicals that may ruin our ocean.

Our wide range of eco-friendly surf products from our country have been carefully chosen by experts to ensure the highest quality standards of surf gears that will help preserve our surfing playground.

As an eco-friendly online marketplace of surf gears, we’ve been doing our part to protect our ocean. So, for surfers like you, all you need to do is to buy products that will help us to be able to succeed in our goal.

The Green Surf Shop knows that change must start on the little things. With businesses like us, we are already working hard to do good for our environment. So, we reached out to the innovators, creators, and designers of surf products to find better options to make their products much more helpful to our environment.

We’ve got a passionate team of researchers behind us, just enough bold hope and brave determination to fill in any gaps. This is not just the Green Surf Shop story but the story of us and our nature. So, please join our journey through this mission.


Thank you!