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Hello surfers! May I know your thoughts about this. I’ve been thinking lately that surfing clothes have a lot of sustainable alternatives but am I the only one who thinks that not a lot of sellers really promote eco-friendly clothing? I only see one manufacturer who makes eco-friendly surfer clothing. Yes, I know that there are top brands who use recycled and organic products on their clothing but it’s not like this one brand that I know. Does anyone of you have the same thought as me? – Eunice, 18

I don’t think so we have the same thoughts. If you search on google for sustainable surf shirts, I can confidently say that there are several companies which are making eco clothing and organic cotton that come up. And as far as I know, it’s way cheaper than even non-eco-friendly products. – Lemuel, 25

Yes, there are a lot of them making eco clothing, but I think not everyone in the industry is environmentally-friendly because a lot of them are using plastics to wrap their products. And that is not good.  – Jake, 29

But this online shop is guaranteed 100% all natural. From the product, they sell to the wrapping they use. They are even working hard to encourage shipping companies to use free carbon neutral shipping.—Irish, 26

Thank you, surfers, for sharing your thoughts. I know now the companies which are producing eco-friendly surf clothing. Again, thank you so much, I appreciate your efforts. —Eunice, 18