Know the answers to the most frequently asked questions before sending us yours. If you will see the appropriate response here to any question you may have, feel free to email us. You will see our email account in the contact section of this website.

What is Green Surf Shop?

Green Surf Shop is the first online surf store in the country. We sell surfing products that are of high quality, ethical and most especially, eco-friendly. You may find our shop as the easiest and most convenient online shop ever. We are on a mission of bringing the most eco-friendly surf products to the consumer to help our partner-manufacturers and help our mother nature as well.

Do you only sell 100% sustainable products?

We on Green Surf Shop guarantee you that all we have here on our website are 100% sustainable products. Our experts and researchers always go out of their way to find and choose only the most eco-friendly products to make sure that we meet the standards of our consumers and the environment.

Is shopping for your online store sustainable?

Shipping products to your door is a different environmental concern. However, we strive to encourage shipping companies to use carbon neutral shipping and use only sustainable packaging materials.

Where can I send my feedback on my product?

We at the Green Surf Shop would love to hear all of your thoughts and concerns about our products and services. You can always message us via email. We will respond to your messages as soon as we can.

Does your product have a warranty?

Some of the products that we haveinclude warranties from its manufacturers but some don’t have. However, we guarantee that all our products are of high quality and have a long shelf life. If ever the products you’ve purchased from us have defects, kindly send us an email regarding your concern and includea photo of the defective product and the order number. We will handle your issue.