Do Surfers Wear Anything Under a Wetsuit

Do Surfers Wear Anything Under a Wetsuit


When going surfing, whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you will likely be wearing a wetsuit. Wetsuits provide protection from cold water, abrasions, and cuts as well as added buoyancy and insulation.

Though wetsuits are designed for water sports and beach activities, many surfers wonder if they should also wear something under their wetsuit for extra warmth, padding or to protect their modesty.

This article will provide an overview of the types of clothing worn under a wetsuit while surfing, including advice on how to choose the right clothing to ensure a comfortable ride in the ocean. We’ll discuss some key points like the benefits of wearing layers under your wetsuit, when it’s best to wear rash guard tops over a wetsuit and why swim trunks might be the best choice for modesty and style. Finally we’ll look at some tips on keeping warm while in the water and how to care for your neoprene gear after each session out in the waves.

What Is a Wetsuit?

A wetsuit is a common type of clothing worn by surfers to protect them from cold temperatures and the environment while they are in the water. Wetsuits are designed to fit close to the body, trapping a thin layer of water between the skin and the wetsuit which helps to keep the surfer warm.

While wetsuits are designed to be impervious to water, it is important to understand what to wear underneath for the best comfort and performance.

Types of Wetsuits

There are many different types and styles of wetsuits on the market today which can make choosing the right one for your activity daunting. Generally speaking, a wetsuit is a snug-fitting garment made from neoprene that helps to trap water and create an insulating layer between your body and the cold environment outside. A wet suit should fit snugly against the body in order to provide maximum warmth without restricting movement.

The most common types of suits are full body wetsuits, which cover your arms and legs, as well as spring suits, which only cover the torso. Full body wetsuits come in a variety of thicknesses, usually ranging from 3mm-7mm (1/8in-2/8in), with the thicker suits providing more warmth and protection from abrasions or punctures. Additionally, there are many different features available on varying wet suits such as reinforced kneepads, wrist seals with closures, adjustable zipper pullers and adjustable fits around the neckline depending on preference.

Not all activities require a full coverage suit; some activities like swimming may only require a lightweight skin or rash guard to protect against sunburns and abrasion when in contact with rocks or coral.

With so many different options available – from thick winter neoprene to lightweight lycra – there’s something out there for every water enthusiast!

Do Surfers Wear Anything Under a Wetsuit?

Do you know what surfers wear under their wetsuits? It’s a common question among beginners and experienced surfers alike. Wetsuits are designed to keep the body warm and protect it from the elements, but it pays to know what else can be worn underneath them for extra comfort and improved performance.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the various options available to surfers when deciding what to wear under a wetsuit:

Benefits of Wearing Something Under a Wetsuit

When surfers wear something under a wetsuit, they can benefit from a number of advantages:

  • First, wearing layers provides an extra layer of warmth, helping to keep them warmer in the water even on cold days. This can also help reduce chafing from the neoprene material against the skin, making longer sessions more comfortable.
  • Second, wearing something under a wetsuit also adds a layer of compression and support, which can help reduce fatigue and improve performance in the water. This is especially beneficial for surfers who want to maintain their abilities in colder waters.
  • Third, wearing extra layers can also protect delicate parts of the body, such as the ribs and spine which are exposed when lying prone on a surfboard for long periods of time. As an added bonus, many surfers find that these extra layers make their wetsuits feel much more comfortable overall.

There are plenty of options available for what to wear under a wetsuit – from lightweight base layers designed specifically for that purpose to simple tees – so surfers should do some research and find what works best for them individually. Doing this will ensure they stay comfortable both in and out of the water throughout their entire session!

Popular Options for Wearing Under a Wetsuit

For most surfers, wearing a wetsuit is a necessity both for comfort and performance. Finding the right fit and layer combination can make all the difference on the waves, so it’s important to find out what options you have when it comes to wearing something under your wetsuit.

Popular Options
The most popular option for surfers when wearing something under their wetsuit is rashguards, also known as swim shirts. Rashguards are lightweight and comfortable fit against your skin, making them ideal for blocking chafing from the neoprene of the wetsuit. They also provide an extra layer of protection from UV radiation from the sun without sacrificing any flexibility in your movements on the water. Having a few different styles of rashguard in various colors is often advised to make sure you’re always protected no matter how long you’re out surfing.

Besides rashguards, some surfers opt for board shorts for additional coverage and comfort when they are paddling or waiting around between sets. Board shorts provide extra coverage than traditional bathing suit bottoms but offer much more flexibility than jeans or slacks. Additionally, while they do block out some UV radiation they will not offer as much protection as a full roved rashguard top.

Finally, thermal underlayers are popular among colder water surfer who need additional insulation while they transition between cold and warm water conditions. Thermal underwear are forms fitting garments that trap air next to one’s body providing a warmth layer in colder conditions both on land and in water activities such as surfing, diving or kayaking. Thermal garments come with various thicknesses depending on one’s needs providing insulation against wind chill underwater which can lead to hypothermia if not properly addressed.

Regardless of what type of clothing you wear under your wetsuit it is important to remember that it should be cleaned after every session with cold water quickly followed up by cleaning agent appropriate for neoprene fabric. This will keep mildewing away while extending its life span overtime.


In conclusion, surfers have several choices when it comes to wearing something underneath their wetsuit. Whatever the surfers decide, comfort should be of the utmost importance. For some this may mean wearing nothing at all, while for others using a rashguard or other protective clothing can provide additional comfort and protection from UV rays and irritation from the neoprene.

Ultimately the choice is up to each individual surfer and will depend on the desired level of protection. No matter what they choose, following a good wetsuit care routine will ensure their wetsuit is well maintained and serve them well for many seasons of surfing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Surfers Wear Anything Under a Wetsuit?

A: Surfers usually wear nothing underneath a wetsuit. A wetsuit is designed to fit snugly against the skin and provide insulation from the cold water. Wearing anything underneath a wetsuit may create uncomfortable bunching and may even take away from the wetsuit’s insulation capabilities.

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